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In this article we are going to make a home-automation project using new blynk2.0. and my 2 Node SMT Smart home-automation PCB.

In this home automation project we can control our home-appliances via BLYNK smartphone application , BLYNK web-dashboard from anywhere in this world.
and also we can control our home-appliances via manual switch buttons and we can also monitor the real time status in the BLYNK app.

In the article I will explain circuitry , code and how to setup BLYNK dashboard, So I'll recommend to you, read the entire article till the end.

Apart from  2 node home-automation PCBs, 4 node and 8 node PCBs are also available, these PCBsare fully tested and work very well in automating the devices,

You can install these PCBs in your office, house to make your dump devices smart.

This home-automation PCB is very small in size and compact which can easily fits in your electrical switch boards.

This PCB is compatible for all the smart speakers available in the market like Amazons Alexa , google home and Apples SIRI.

Designing the PCB.

To design the circuit and PCB, we used EasyEDA which is a browser based software to design PCBs.

Designing the circuit works like in any other circuit software tool, you place some components and you wire them together. 

Then, you assign each component to a footprint.

Having the parts assigned, place each component. When you’re happy with the layout, make all the connections and route your PCB.

Save your project and export the Gerber files.

Ordering the PCBs at JLCPCB.

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Turn your DIY breadboard circuits into professional PCBs– get 10 boards for approximately $5 + shipping (which will vary depending on your country).

Once you have your Gerber files, you can order the PCB. Follow the next steps.

1. Download the Gerber files –click here to download the .zip file.

2. Go to JLCPCB website and Click on Quote Now button.

3.Upload the GERBER file you downloaded in the last step. Upload file or you can also drag and drop the GERBER files.

After uploading the zip file, you’ll see a success message at the bottom if   the file is successfully uploaded. You can review the PCB in the Gerber viewer to make sure everything is good.

jlcpcb can grab all the PCB details and automatically fills them for you.

To place the order, click on “SAVE TO CART” button.

Now select the shipping method , the one you prefer and has cost efficient.

Before finalizing your order you can use the promotional code JLC-REBE to get a discount and then click pay.

Let's Make it...!

Now grab all the components whose list is mention below, and soldered on the PCB.

1.ESP32 Chip.

2.Highlink (HLK-5M05).

3.Relay (5volts).

4.Terminal connectors.


6.DPDT Switch.

After soldiering rest of components PCB look like this neat, clean and well arranged.


First of all you have to signup on this page using your email id.

Now you have to create a template for your project, to create the template click on the dotted icon as pointed in the image below.

Give the name of your template on which your project is , I am giving it 2 node home-automation.
then select the hardware type in my case it is esp32, and connection type is WIFI..... after that click on done button, and you have successfully create the template for your project.

Now click on data streams then new data-streams select virtual pin, ...

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