SSH Fun!

A project log for Shark Robot Vacuum Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering the Shark RV1001AED series Robot Vacuum

Jon SteelJon Steel 06/03/2022 at 14:170 Comments

Finally got SSH working, and it was fun!!!

Once the sshd config, and ssh starting script in init.d were modified I tried starting sshd. I was presented with a notification that /var/empty must be owned by root, and cannot be group or world writable.



Made some progress, but despite the config files, sshd does not want to point to the host keys.... I broke that I bet. Simply grab host keys and put them where sshd thinks they should be... okay, oh wait, the pub keys are in an  invalid format?


Ok, SSH to the robot.... YAY!  Now I can easily move files around in the R/W directories, and no more serial cables... the robot is now free of its umbilical!

Next will be playing with the mp3 sound bank... I think it should be pretty easy.

Then I will look at some of the applications in the /res directory... it looks interesting!

Yeah, sorry, I know I don't have any screen shots... I was in the zone.