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Hello friends in this video I have made a 2-Axis camera slider,

by using arduino stepper motor and some aluminium extrusion profile.

A rotary encoder and 0.96" oled display used for user interface


This the link of complete video you can watch the video from here where I have demonstrated complete steps

in order to build this cool arduino based DSLR Camera slider.



2 pieces Nema 17 motor
10mt of GT2 open belt
1 piece of 200mm GT2 closed belt
3 pieces of GT2 pitch toothed pulley, 20 teeth
1 piece of smooth idler pulley
4 pcs of POM coated ball bearings
1 piece of limit switch microswitch
1 piece of camera holder
optional: slot nuts






L293D = 2 pieces

LM7809 = 1 piece

LM7805 = 1 piece

10.1uF electrolytic = 1 piece

1N5408 = 1 piece

1N4007 = 1 piece

led = 1 piece

resistance of at least 470 Ohm = 1 piece

Arduino Nano = 1 piece

Oled display = 1 piece

Encoder = 1 piece

A4988 controller = 2 pieces

socket 8 + 8 = 1 piece

PCB female pin header connectors

screw connectors for printed circuit boards

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MVI_0003 00_02_14_01 Still001

I have used the 12mm birch wood to made this side blocks, the dimensions are 60mm on top

and 80mm on bottom, and have 20mm grove at the top center,

in this grove we can place our 20x20 alu. extrution profile.

MVI_0003 00_02_20_04 Still002

This is the main part of our project this are the 20 x 20 Alu. extrution the length is as per your need means how long you want to travel camera you can keep length as per that.

I have used two aluminium extrusion of 20x20 cross section size you can use 20x40 size as well MVI_0003 00_04_12_18 Still003

This is the camera slider platform

it have four V shape wheels on the all four corners this wheel fit in the grove of 20 x 20 alu extrusion profile.

I made this platform using 4 mm wood there is also a provision for nema 17 stepper motor.

this motor will pan the camera in 180 degree horizontally

MVI_0003 00_10_51_12 Still004

MVI_0003 00_11_16_09 Still005

This is the control unit box which I 3D printen in PLA filament

its size is 75 x 55 mm I have placed my PCB inside this box and I placed a rotary encoder and

small OLED screen on the cover of this control unit box

This rotary encoder and small OLED screen is helpfull for user interface and to display data on the screen

Arduino Code

#include <Wire.h>
#include <Adafruit_GFX.h>
#include <Adafruit_SSD1306.h>
#include <AccelStepper.h>
#include <MultiStepper.h>
#include "bitmap.h"

#define limitSwitch 11
#define PinSW 2
#define PinCLK 3  #define PinDT 8
#define OLED_RESET 4
Adafruit_SSD1306 display(OLED_RESET);

AccelStepper stepper2(1, 17, 16); // (Type:driver, STEP, DIR)
AccelStepper stepper1(1, 15, 14);

MultiStepper StepperControl; 
long gotoposition[2]; 
volatile long XInPoint=0;
volatile long YInPoint=0;
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