Hello friends in this post we will see how to make Stroboscope using arduino. Stroboscope an instrument for studying periodic motion or determining speeds of rotation by shining a bright light at intervals so that a moving or rotating object appears stationary.

A stroboscope, also known as a strobe, is an instrument used to make a cyclically moving object appear to be slow-moving, or stationary. It consists of either a rotating disk with slots or holes or a lamp such as a flashtube which produces brief repetitive flashes of light. Usually,

the rate of the stroboscope is adjustable to different frequencies. When a rotating or vibrating object is observed with the stroboscope at its vibration frequency (or a submultiple of it), it appears stationary. Thus stroboscopes are also used to measure frequency.




Arduino Nano :-
0.96" OLED Display :-
10W LED :-
10K POT :-
Toggle S/W :-
2222A Transistor :-
Custom PCB



Stroboscopes produce carefully timed pulses of light in order to make a rotating object appear still. While this may seem like something of an exotic concept, YouTuber Mr. Innovative decided to build his own using an Arduino Nano.

His project uses a PN2222A transistor to drive a 10W LED, which acts as the device’s light source. The spinning RPM is set via a potentiometer, and a small OLED provides user feedback.

Let’s do some mathematical calculation

We had designed this circuit for LXML-PWC1-0100 LUXEON LED.

Voltage required to illuminate LED i.e. Vin

V_{in} = V_t + (V_f \times nLED) Here we are using three LED in series, hence number of LED nLED = 3

V_t = 2 V_f = 3.99V (voltage required to powering the single LED)

Now, wee can calculate the Vin voltage

V_{in} = 2 + (3.99 \times 3) = 13.97 \approx 14V So, we required approximately 14V per column.

After calculating required voltage for powering the LED, let’s calculate supply voltage by LM317


image image

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