Morse USB Keyboard

Sure - why not repurpose a vintage Morse code key into a USB keyboard?

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Pretty much what it says on the tin. Connect to a USB port and it shows up as a keyboard. Use the key to toggle Morse code characters.
What Works : It sends characters through the USB port and beeps out dashes and dots.
What needs Fixing ( ) :
-Have a potentiometer that controls the input speed rate, or just switches to toggle slow, medium and fast
- add in a little more intelligent processing of Morse recognition
- add in a Shift signal to toggle between upper and lower case
- replace the DigiSpark with an ESP8266 to allow it to send and receive tweets

I don't recall where I found the original code, but there are plenty of examples out there.

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Timescale wrote 05/29/2022 at 12:00 point

Quite envious of that nice "Bunnell" style key. Do you have more data on it? Manufacturer or date? That baseplate is huge! Is it original? I like the idea of intergrating the sounder and micro into the key. I usually make external units for that. Did one recently actually. It's here on my IO page :

I tried a potentiometer to set WPM, but generally I just set it to 13 (I think) and that is good enough for me. I also had a capslock option on my first sounder but that was just silly.

There is another device I made for a costumer that is quite a bit more involved. I'm going to write a project page on that one until it isn't under embargo but I do have a short video what it does :

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