June update!

A project log for Plastic Scanner

Developing a device that can Identify the most common types of plastic

JerzeekJerzeek 07/05/2022 at 18:540 Comments

Hi Plastic Scanner friends,

This month, our group of students presented the "Plastic Scanner 2.0" - a concept and a prototype for the future, commercial version of the scanner. They were researching, testing and prototyping for the last 5 months, which proved to be well worth it since the final presentation left us speechless. Results from their work will be revealed in the coming months, but for now we can say it's been a great experience and that we learned a lot from each other!

Besides that, Jerry put a lot of effort into networking, finances and community in order to secure the future of the project and make it truly sustainable. Jure and Markus (from the student group) were debugging the firmware for the new prototype and went through an emotional rollercoaster of frustration, confusion and excitement. Just another day at the office :)

Finally, we got to meet Joost, a guy from delft who contributed to the PSplot Software and gave useful advice for further development of the Plastic Scanner. It feels great to meet some of the Discord participants in real life!

We are all off to our summer vacation now, recharging for more Plastic Scanner adventures next month. Have a nice summer too!