Why not a mini-lathe?

A project log for Can transformer

Re-use drinks cans as other things using a purpose-built CNC machine to cut them up.

menaduemenadue 06/20/2022 at 07:320 Comments

When I started using cans as raw materials I did try to mount a can on my mini lathe, and found that it isn't easy to do. It's an awkward shape and then you have the problem of cutting the material.  Hence the work towards making the can transformer. The two key parts to it are the spring loaded mounting (with a shaped part that fits into the drinking hole for rotational grip) and the rotary tool with a d bit for cutting. I thought about making those parts for the mini-lathe, but it was easier and maybe less work to build a dedicated machine to do the work. Trying to find ways to mount things on the lathe would probably have been just as much work, after making a DRO for it.