Soda Can Small Parts Holder

A small parts holder (with or without magnet) made from the bottom of a drinks can.

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This is a 3D printed part that accepts a drinks can bottom and turns it into a small parts holder. Yoiu can have a magnet in the centre of the part if you want the parts to be held in the holder magnetically. Or not.
The part can be sized to different can sizes.

This is a holder for the bottom of a drinks or soda can that turns it into a tray. You cut off the bottom of a can and push it into the slot, the concave shape can then be used as a small parts tray or holder.

There's a recess in the print that allows you to push in a 10mm x 3mm magnet which then holds magnetic parts in the tray. This is optional.

I put adhesive felt material on the base of mine.

The can bottoms are a nice rounded shape that holds the items but also allows you to easily get them out again, unlike a square vertical edged container.


scad - 849.00 bytes - 05/27/2022 at 07:54


  • Parametric SCAD File

    menadue05/27/2022 at 07:57 0 comments

    The OpenSCAD file that generates the can bottom holder is parametric so you can adjust the part to fit different can sizes and also to fine tune the print to your printer. There are several different can sizes, I have tried the standard UK 330ml can and also a smaller (150ml?) can, which also worked. The holders with smaller can bottoms take up less desk space.

  • Notes

    menadue05/27/2022 at 07:52 0 comments

    The can bottom is cut off about 8-10mm from the edge where it starts to curve to the circular 'foot'. It may take a while to find a way to do this that suits your tools. beware that the edges can be very sharp, gloves are a good idea. My method:

    1. Cut the end off roughly using a knife.
    2. Use a woodworking marking gauge to scribe a line around the outside of the can
    3. Use metal snips to cut the end off.

    The can bottom should then push into the slot in the print.

    If you want a magnet then a 10mm x 3mm should push into the recess. You may have to heat the plastic a bit, or sand the recess out a bit as the magnets vary a bit in size. Or find one that fits, which is what I did.

    The can bottom can be removed if you want to by prising it out with a knife, carefully round the edges.

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