• Wiring Done! It works!!!

    Timo Birnschein05/31/2022 at 02:35 0 comments

    There is still work to do on the UnoJoy side but so far it works! Some of the buttons are wired to HAT and two axis are currently doing nothing: Flaps and Fuel Tank Selector. But that was to be expected as UnoJoy was loaded with its default example. But this is amazing stuff, I'm really happy with this! Nice weekend project!

  • Test Fit Done - Some modifications suggested

    Timo Birnschein05/30/2022 at 19:12 0 comments

    Everything fits together as intended. Some pieces were either too tight or a little on the loose side so I decided to print some again.

    Unfortunately, I made the linear sliders a little bit too tight so that they bind a little bit when fully extended. I'll change that in CAD but for now, I'll leave my sliders like this as it's good enough.

    The trim wheel holder has to be changed, though, as some manual modifications cause it to grind against the enclosure now and I really don't like that.

  • Putting things together... part 1

    Timo Birnschein05/30/2022 at 16:48 0 comments

    And somewhere underneath is the box I'm gluing right now...

  • Painting the Enclosure

    Timo Birnschein05/30/2022 at 02:23 0 comments

    This is a very rough paint job but to be honest, I don't really care much if this box has a smooth surface or not. In the end it's gonna be used for a while and then gets either rubbed smooth naturally or via a patina of dust :)

    I should probably mention that the paint is still drying in this picture. It will be uniform matte black when dry.

  • Saving the print actually worked!

    Timo Birnschein05/30/2022 at 02:21 0 comments

  • Saving a 10h Print Mid-Flight.... in terror

    Timo Birnschein05/29/2022 at 19:51 0 comments

    I was happily staring at the print when I realized that some parts where missing on the print bed. One part I thought but it turned out to be two parts.

    In my terror, I tried various things to get the filament to stick to the BuildTak build plate again but nothing worked. I even tried to fill the gap with electrical tape when I realized that I just threw away a bunch of raft that I thought I'd never use. As the universe so dictated, I was exactly at the same height as my raft stock was thick!!! I quickly cut a piece to shape and packaging taped it to the build plate in haste!

    Not 10 seconds later the print head came back over and printed on the newly added raft... IT WORKED!!! What???

    That was also the moment when I found that a second part was gone so I tried to save the rest of the print from that, too... Another piece was cut and taped to the build plate. I was getting a little nervous, though, because the print already added another two layers and it might be too high up to print on that new raft... but IT ALSO WORKED!!! Hell yeah!

  • Laser Cutting the Enclosure

    Timo Birnschein05/29/2022 at 19:45 0 comments

  • Go Full Plate 3D Print!

    Timo Birnschein05/29/2022 at 17:20 0 comments

    Let's do this!

  • First Print Tests

    Timo Birnschein05/29/2022 at 15:01 0 comments

    Alternatite Static Switch Assembly

    Flaps Assembly

  • Switch Panel and Arduino Uno

    Timo Birnschein05/28/2022 at 19:52 0 comments

    Arduino Uno is there. I think this is enough for one day. 7h up to this point, with a few brakes. Time for a pause.

    Next, I will add the electronics tray and start printing.