Currently, the project is in its development phase.

I'm sourcing the ideal IMU as well as any parallel components to be used in both power delivery and the subsequent data protocols required to generate a full kinematic model in real-time.

the wiring bundles(sealed in biocompatible tubing) will be run between each of the shown module, allowing power delivery and communication between the modules synchronously.

After asking prominent members of the biohacking community and brainstorming the overall layout and design, the project is shifting from being one hardwired system to a semi-modular system. utilizing biocompatible connectors used in pacemakers as well as the conduction and wiring systems used in other implantable devices. I hope to shrink the design and allow it to be implanted in multiple steps as well as increase the longevity of the interconnects(especially those running through major flex-points).

While the external wearable device used to interface with the system is crucial, I will be focusing on the individual implanted PCBs first, given the emphasis on their operational longevity and the importance of overall footprint within the body.

This will be in parallel to working with the required firmware to ensure synchronous operation as well as the data protocols both between modules and between the C-Node and the external receiver.