Making While Mobile

A documentary about how to participate in the Maker Movement while on a perpetual road trip.

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Producing a high-quality video series is indeed a lot of work -- especially when working solo. I have been enjoying the entire very-time-consuming process. The biggest challenges have been polishing up the scripts for season one & memorization of the monologues. I have a lot of detailed content I want to work through in season one & it is difficult to quickly memorize it all. I plan to build a basic teleprompter rig to greatly reduce how much time it takes to prep for an episode. As things progress I expect to need the prompter less & less.
I've been making videos for a few decades & even spent some time learning the ropes in Hollywood. The Road was calling, though, and so I ventured eastward out of Los Angeles. The challenge ever since: how to keep work, hobbies, tools & life lightweight and in order. Quite the challenge, indeed.

While this project initially will discuss some of the basic challenges & successes of making a video series; it will soon delve into some of the specifics about the off-the-shelf hardware I'm using. I have already built a few accessories for shoots & expect to need a few more very soon. There are many on the interwebs that are offering their knowledge to the world in an audio/visual format. These content creators have been instrumental in helping provide both inspiration & wisdom as I move forward with the project. The free exchange of knowledge is a marvelous thing.

  • 1 × GoPro Hero 3+
  • 1 × Feiyu G4 Gimble + 2x extension poles keeps the tiny little camera steady
  • 1 × Zoom H6 6 track digital audio recorder
  • 1 × Adobe CC Software Mainly Premiere & After Effects
  • 1 × Element 3D Straightforward 3D element plugin for After Effects

  • THE first episode.

    yesnoio11/25/2016 at 05:41 2 comments

    I memorized the monologue for this episode off & on for a few weeks. It was only after an untold number of takes that the thought of a teleprompter struck me like a truck. Duh! Most cold-open modern monologues on popular TV shows are highly scripted segments the host reads off a prompter. This allows for well-timed visual graphics to appear on screen to complement what the host is saying. If there is a live audience, they often are able to view several monitors there in the studio & react spontaneously to what they see. It is a solid approach & even easier to pull of when not in front of a live audience. I'm looking forward to testing the tablet-centric build very soon. The goal is not to need a prompter, but my main constraint these days is time.

  • The Modular Maker channel trailer & related content 'hook'.

    yesnoio11/25/2016 at 05:33 0 comments

    Note that this is a two-part video introducing the channel, while also covering a popular annual off-road event. This helps promote the channel in part due to the popularity of the Overland Expo off-road event. This is a hobby and as such I have not had much time or resources to dedicate to marketing. I eventually plan to release one new video every week each spring & fall. That's a lot of content to write & fully produce. Still optimistic about the project. I really enjoy working on it when time permits.

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