Sci-Fi 3D Printed Mask With Transparent Display

A Sci-Fi 3D Printed Winter Soldier Mask With Transparent Displays.

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This Mask is a 3D Printed Winter Soldier mask from Capital America Civil War, I have modified the mask by adding two Transparent OLED Displays as the eyes of the Mask. This are 128×64 pixels OLED see through displays from which I am using for showing few animations. Since the display are transparent I can see through them even when the pixels are on.

The transparent display are two way display, means the image is visible on the both side but inverted at one side.

The aim of this project is to make others see the animating eyes, even the image is visible on both side the person wearing the mask cannot see the display content since the displays is too close to the eyes to focus.

To switch between different animations and texts I have used Blynk app.

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    3D Printing
    • Download the Winter Soldier Mask stl Files.
    • Open the files in slicing software.
    • I have printed the objects with 0.2mm layer height, 20% infill and with tree support enabled.
    • After slicing 3D print the objects.
    • Remove the support material once prints are complete.
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    For painting the mask I am using Silver and Black colored Paint Sprays.

    • First I painted the silver part.
    • After the silver part is dry I masked it and painted the black.
    • I am not using any sanding and smoothening techniques, but if you want then please go for it.
    • After the paint is dry glue both the mask objects as one single piece.

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I think you referenced comparable issues with past age Luxeons and their underlying assurance gadgets.

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