Getting My First Sleeve Done

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A wearable haptic sensor for gaming

Cyber OgreCyber Ogre 06/26/2022 at 23:010 Comments

I have been going through a couple different iterations of how to mount the haptic sensor and create a comfortable wearable.

Our first efforts used a folded piece of gaffer's tape (similar to duct tape with a more flexible feel).  This worked but the sensors were too close together and made it challenging to discern the level that the sensor was at.

Now we have a compression sleeve for the haptic sensor to be mounted on.  We are also changing from a single string of sensors to individual motors that will attach to the sleeve via hook & loop fasteners.  Only the hook side of the fastener will be used to latch into the sleeve, and this will allow for isolation of the buzzing from the individual motors for the haptic sensor.  Our concern was that some of the vibration was being transmitted across the connected medium (i.e. the tape).

After considering the sleeve, I think I might like to see an LED on top of each motor so that a visual que is available as well; however, I want to be cautious with this and not create scope creep for the first generation of this effort.