Foxy Pride Badge

Show your pride with the Foxy Pride badge with artwork designed by Leeborg_

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This board is a great way to show your pride. With customizable LED colors and a large silkscreen moon that you can write on!

We wanted to support the LGBTQ maker electronics community and Pride month, and have a board that was customizable so each person could feel represented through their badge. The fantastic artwork was designed by Lee Wilkins (@Leeborg_ on Twitter). We also want to make it easy for more people to learn how to surface mount solder, so this badge features nicely-spaced large 1206 parts that are easier for beginners to work with.

This pride badge is not only super cute it's also super customizable! We provide LEDs in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, cyan, and white. The black version of the badge adds black and brown/copper colors (still waiting for that black LED!), making sure you can express yourself and represent your flag on your badge! The moon in the center is silkscreen with ample space you can write your name and pronouns (or anything you want!) on. There are two CR2016 batteries included to juice this badge up to 6V and ensure the LEDs will sparkle all day and night. It also has a 555 timer that acts as a clock to feed the decade counter to give the LEDs a twinkling effect.

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    Step 1: Solder switch, 555 timer, and decade counter

    I tend to start with components that have the most legs.  I find it easier to solder them when the rest of the board is clear.

    *Remember the 555 timer and the decade counter are both directional so be sure to match the line on the chip to the line on the footprint

  • 2
    Step 2: Resistors R11, R12
  • 3
    Step 3: Capacitors C1-C4

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