Full Comprehensive Learning? It is now possible with The Pico Bricks. 

Pico Bricks, whose development was completed after an R&D process of up to 2 years in cooperation with Robotistan and BenMaker, is now open to crowdfunding on Kickstarter! Pico Bricks was funded more than 1000% in a short time.

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Main Story, Purpose

Although learning is an enjoyable adventure, it can be challenging for most people. Many makers, especially those who develop themselves in the fields of robotics or electronics, always need harmonious instructions.

Gathering information from public forums, trying to follow irregular or imprecise instructions may cause everything more complex or complicated while learning something.  A good learning experience requires well-prepared documentations, well-ordered instructions and of course well thought of technologies.

This is where Pico Bricks emerged as a solution and is a platform specially designed to provide a good learning experience. Pico Bricks is a learning platform designed for people of all ages who want to become a maker. 

 What is the Pico Bricks?

Pico Bricks is a multifunctional learning and development ecosystem which is powered by the Raspberry Pi Pico board. Its breakable and modular design results in a fool-proof learning environment. On the other hand, it has full flexibility for using nearly all components around the world. To summarize, it is basically a Raspberry Pi Pico addon system for much more reliable and easier usage.

What does Pico Bricks consist of?

As we mentioned above, Pico Bricks is a platform in its entirety. 

Physically, it is a development board which consists of 10 most-popular on-board components. 

In the center of this board, there is a special area for you to place the Raspberry Pi Pico. In this way, you can directly use Pico and the components without wiring or extra soldering. Some of these components are: OLED Display, relay, motor driver, buzzer, LDR, potentiometer, button, leds and finally temperature - humidity sensor. It also has places that allow you to use both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.

Pico Bricks isn't just about that. It is a development environment that you can use virtually, thanks to its fully compatible simulator. In addition, a specially produced IDE for Pico Bricks is part of this platform.

What kind of facilities does Pico Bricks provide in terms of learning?

The main purpose of Pico Bricks is to make learning easier. For this reason, it also provides well-prepared educational content.

The best way to progress in electronics is to start with the easiest projects and work your way up to the hard ones. Pico Bricks' educational content gives you exactly that. You can start by simply learning how to use buttons and leds together, then you can learn how to use other components in the following stages.

It doesn't just end there! You can also make more advanced projects by combining these parts with each other or adding WiFi - Bluetooth modules. If you want to go even further, you can detach the pieces of Pico Bricks and use them in any way you want.

In conclusion, Pico Bricks is an educational set that you should definitely meet and can make learning electronics and coding more enjoyable. Do not limit yourself to making projects anymore!

Make Projects Anytime, Anywhere

Pico Bricks is a development platform that you can easily migrate. It is approximately the size of a hand and can be carried easily thanks to its special box. You can code with Pico Bricks anytime, anywhere.

Pico Bricks is also very advantageous for classroom works. It does not create any crowd in a lab environment, it allows you to experiment with projects collectively.

Who is it for?

No joking. It is for all people that have an interest in electronics and coding. Thanks to incredibly flexible design and software environment;

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