WT32-SC01 Extension Board

Adding features to the WT32-SC01 kit

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This board is ready to be connected to one of the 2 expansions connector of the WT32-SC01

It includes the following features:
LiPo - LiIon battery charger with overcharge and overdischarge protection
Charging status LEDs
2 push buttons with sleep and deep sleep capabilities
DS3121M RTC clock + backup battery (OR)
DS1307 + Crystal + backup battery
Micro SD connector
MCP4725 DAC + LM386 Speaker amplifier
I2C, IO, Control and Power extension connectors
Battery Voltage feedback to the ESP
MicroUSB connector for Li-Ion charging
Power LED
RF Transmitter 3 pins

Power Consumption The Power consumption of the entire system (WT32 + Expansion board) have been performed using the Li-Ion battery:

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