Drawing out the Wheatstone Bridge with Resistors. Amplifier selection.

A project log for Propane Weigh Scale Hack

Loved the Flame King Propane Scale form factor, but it needed a HUGE update. Here is my first HackAday project!

steve-smithSteve Smith 06/03/2022 at 16:460 Comments

Having drawn out the main PCB portion....I measured the load cells and did another Ugly Sketch of just the Strain Gauges and how they configured into a wheatstone bridge.   Knowing this would allow me to add my own load cell amplifier to this circuit and then output to an AVR type microprocessor.   Since I didn't need to recreate the wheel here....I ended up using the HX711, which already had libraries that were well documented and were usable in ESP32 type chips.....which I wanted to use because of their WiFI and Bluetooth capabilities.  Wiring diagrams are on the SparkFun page....but I will do a full diagram when I am done with the project.

Sparkfun HX711 Load Cell Amplifier