HX711 wiring and the TinyPico ESP32

A project log for Propane Weigh Scale Hack

Loved the Flame King Propane Scale form factor, but it needed a HUGE update. Here is my first HackAday project!

steve-smithSteve Smith 06/03/2022 at 18:060 Comments

Now that I had the Wheatstone thought out, I connected it to the HX711 and wired it as per the example schematic.  I had to add the two fixed 1000 ohm resistors per the diagram to make the Wheatstone a full four cell bridge.   I added in the color codes of the load cells to the sketch and it is wired internal just like this really Ugly hand sketch shows.  Having found the HX711, I went looking for an ESP32 type chipset that was the smallest unit that I could find that was in stock and available.  I stumbled into the is a full ESP32 with WiFi and BLE and extremely small.  I will take more pictures of the installation in future log entries.  But I was able to wire it up and tested it and it worked with the example sketches...!!   A lot of software work needed to be done....and I was still on the lookout for a way to communicate with an iPhone.   The hunt for that continued......

The TinyPico ESP32 Super Small Chipset