December 2021 update

A project log for Upkie - Homemade wheeled biped robot

A homemade wheeled biped that can balance, crouch or turn around. It proudly stands on broomsticks and 3D printed parts.

Tast's RobotsTast's Robots 06/05/2022 at 10:170 Comments

Let's start this log with a short tour of Upkie's very first "let's put things together" version:

Cables are on their own, not attached to the skeleton (surely "skeleton" sounds better than "broomsticks" ;p) of the robot, and just float around thanks to the rigidity of the corrugated pipes that bundle them. This causes no problem for these first tests, but in future revisions we'll probably want to specify where they are and be sure Upkie can go through its full range of motion without pulling a cable out.