Arduino Mega2560 Powermeter

Here I'm using an Arduino Mega2560 R3 with TFTLCD to build a powermeter recolecting data from PQduino.

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Add AC power monitoring to your Arduino projects in the safest way ever.
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In this project I show how a complete powermeter is built with an Arduino Mega2560 and a 3.95" TFTLCD, Arduino Mega can manage a list of parameters in a screen, the change to a trend visualization of voltage, current and active power and to finish, show the voltage and current waveforms.
Monitoring your home power consumption is a desirable ability of many Arduino enthusiast, but it is also a dangerous adventure, dangerous before PQduino.

Arduino Mega gets all data from PQduino by Bluetooth.
PQduino allows you to monitoring power consumption and main electrical parameters in safest way because there is not an electrical connection between PQduino and your Arduino board.

The connection is made by Bluetooth. Don’t worry about damage your Arduino board or your laptop while you are trying.


Main code, also you will need UTFT library from, a really good work.

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