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    This tutorial will show how to interface the M5Stack Core2 with the Bolt IoT Cloud platform and transfer the data between Bolt IoT Could.

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    Project Flow

    Bolt IoT platform gives you the capability to control your devices and collect data from IoT devices safely and securely no matter where you are.

    Get actionable insights by deploying machine learning algorithms with just a few clicks to detect anomalies as well as predict sensor values.


    Bolt IoT has specific hardware which allows you to directly from your sensors to theBolt Cloud platform.

    If you have your own Controller, but you want to use the Bolt IoT Cloud, here is the solution. In my case, I have my ESP32 Controller which is from M5Stack.


    I have used UART Protocol to communicate and transfer my M5Stack data to Bolt IoT Hardware and then the Bolt hardware will send the data to Bolt Cloud.


    M5Stack Core 2 is an ESP32-based microcontroller that has an inbuilt TFT Display, Speaker, Microphone, and some additional sensors so that we can use this Core2 for a wide range of applications. We can't directly connect your own hardware to Bolt IoT, we are going to use Bolt IoT to communicate with the Bolt Cloud platform.

    M5Sack Core 2 has three IO ports.

    • GPIO Port
    • I2C Port
    • UART Port

    we are going to use UART communication between M5Stack and Bolt IoT. Bolt IoT out also has a UART Port by this Port M5Stack will communicate with Bolt Cloud.