NeoPixels at a distance

This project lets you talk to NeoPixels that are at least 350 feet away from your controller.

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Ever needed to talk to a crap ton of neopixels at a ridiculous distance? This 8 channel differential transmitter pairs with up to 8 receivers. Using the octoWS2811 library you can talk to an insane amount of neopixels at insane distances. I aim to make all the signal wiring be able to be done with standard off the shelf T-568B ethernet cables to save time wiring your projects.

One of the problems with running neopixels over a long distance is dealing with line capacitance. A 74HCT245 level shifter doesn't have the ability to pull the data line to ground quickly enough. This results in the logic low voltage of your data line being higher that the logic low threshold for the neopixels.

The differential transceivers will work down to 3.3 volts. By powering them off the same point as your first neopixel it ensures that the DATA IN voltage to the neopixel is always the save as VCC. meaning you wont get any higher voltage from your data line getting fed backwards through the neopixel if they are pulling your VCC line down due to its current draw.

I have done testing with 350 feet of ethernet cable and they do work.

The Right angle breakout boards are for use with the side lit variant of neopixels. Soldering wires to the copper pads of the tape generally results in the copper pads being torn off with any force on the wire. There is also a spot for soldering on a inrush limiting capacitor if it is at the start of a strip. The trace on the signal line can also be cut to add an inline resistor to reduce ringing.

Boards are for sale on my website:

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