SW development stuck.....due to PC crash

A project log for LowPow E-Ink ShortKeyboard BLE, Wired, LoRa,Wifi

A Ultra Low Power Shortcut Eink Keyboard that works on Bluetooth or Wired. With Wifi, LoRa, SD Card, Joystick, Rotary Volume Knob

UlrichUlrich 06/29/2022 at 06:220 Comments

Last Thursday my laptop (ThinkPad t460s) all of a sudden died. It simply does not start any more. 

After several repair attempts it looks like the Mainboard of my pc is damaged. I ordered a replacement motherboard and I am waiting for the parts right now.

Maybe I am lucky and can make the harddrive of this laptop working external and recover the files.

On this laptop I got all the files and I was about to Upload to GitHub this weekend.

Wish me luck 😃🍀

Update 5 days later: I had to replace the Motherboard of my Laptop. Luckily I got a spare part for 25 € 

Downside: Now I only have 4Gbyte of RAM because the RAM of my Laptop seams to be broken as well.

Nevertheless I recovered the Project Files and backuped everything.