Rubber Ducky as a Script Tool

A project log for LowPow E-Ink ShortKeyboard BLE, Wired, LoRa,Wifi

A Ultra Low Power Shortcut Eink Keyboard that works on Bluetooth or Wired. With Wifi, LoRa, SD Card, Joystick, Rotary Volume Knob

UlrichUlrich 07/04/2022 at 20:190 Comments

I stumbled over a similar project in a German Maker Newspaper.

This project uses ducky scripts stored on a SD card for storing complex stuff. Please see the Code Reference of Ducky script here

The concept behind this is explained here. For me this sounds awesome and I have everything for it on Board.

With   the ESP32-S I can even use the Board as a MassStorage Device. This enables changing Scirpts directly on the Keyboard on the go like using an USB Stick.

Additionally I have a Micro SD Card Holder ready and good to Go.

More Info about Ducky Script: 

Now I am thing if I should add this option to the code as well... Stay Tuned