Project ideas :)

A project log for Reusing single use vape pens.

This is a collections of small project you can make borrowing parts from used vape pens.

DimitarDimitar 06/10/2022 at 10:290 Comments

Hey everyone, this log is all about how to utilize the parts we have. The designers making the vape pens knew what they were doing. They are small, light and fit in your pocket quite nicely. So here is a list of project that we could take advantage of these properties.  

Electric screw driver

This was the first thing it came to mind. The circuitry should not be much of a problem. Two buttons for controlling the direction, charging circuitry and a motor. Of course if we need the motor to wind up slowly and to have battery indication on the screw driver itself, things get a little complicated. The bummer with this project is the bit holder. I had my car mechanic, who happened to have a lathe, turn a cheap screwdriver into the holder you see and make a set screw hole. To be honest I love it. It feels just right. I would love to make it a 3D printed stand with magnetic connectors for charging. 

If we change the motor we could defiantly turn this to a micro drill for hand made PCBs or woodwork. 

LED Flash light

Another perfect candidate in mine opinion. I found some lenses that fit the bill. This would be the easiest one to happen. Again we need to charging circuitry, nice switch and LED driver. Micro USB for charging and we are good to go.

Radio clock / Mp3 player

Having a mp3 player as a kid was a big big deal for me. I love listening to music to this day so this is also a strong option. I have changed many devices, I liked the design of one and the sound of another. The ones that look good and sounded great had little battery life. I did not get to have the perfect mp3 player.  I found a 0.91 inch display that fit like a glove in the rectangular cases. 

Battery bank

One of the cylindrical pens was quite longer then the rest. When I dismantled it the battery was larger and reservoir for the fluid was bigger. We can fit two 560mAh batteries in it for total of 1120 mAh. This is not much, but for sure can get you out of pinch. Having two cells is of course is a bit of a challenge. We need to balance them, so they are charge and discharged equally.   

Sensor pod

Again we have durable lightweight case and a battery to fit in it and this is free. I have build a small GPS module 15 by 30 mm. Magnetometers and a gyro sure, temperature and humidity sensors why not! I found those Tiny 2040 by Pimoroni that need a little bit of trim to fit in the case, but defiantly doable.

Foam cutter

This one is the one I have the most lousy concept of all. I need to do some experiments with the wire that is used for vaporizing the fluid. I am almost sure that it can be turn into a small foam cutter.  

Which one do you find most interesting or may be you have ideas of yours? Please leave a comment. I really hope that vape pens turn into the next Altoid can. This way we can take thousands of vape pens off the landfills.

Please like and share this project, this means a lot to me.