Motorized Plastic Stringer

Quick 3D printable attachment for a cheap motorized rotary cutter to

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There's lots of simple designs for using a razor and a jig to turn plastic bottles into strings, but if you have ever tried it (or read the reviews) they can be really finicky! If you don't have a perfectly smooth bottle, or the bottle is extra thick or grooved, you end up with lots of annoying short strings. This motorized version lets you cut through whatever you want consistently, and can even do thick plastics HDPE bottles easily!

Full design here free!

See it in action! Files all available on Printables

I figured out a way to make a really simple 3D print that pops on to the end of a cheap motorized rotary cutter (WORX WX081L 4V ZipSnip Cordless Electric Scissors  ) (this is the kind lots of people use to  quickly slice up boxes)


No matter where you are in the world, you probably see plastic bottles all over the place. They are made from PET plastic which is super neat and useful (hence its ubiquity), but also ends up as garbage all around the world, clogged ecosystems and turning into harmful microplastics.

So people try to find ways to turn trash into other useful things to prevent them from ending up immediately right back in the environment.

PET doesn't really melt well like other thermoplastics like HDPE or PP, so one thing people have been doing with PET bottles is turning them into string! There are lots of 3D printable jigs where you just insert a razor blade and they help you turn bottles into a nice spool of PET string. the String actually acts like heat-shrink too, and can be wrapped around stuff and heated for a nice tight fit!

I have tried many of these manual jigs though, and they end up being really tricky to work with if you aren't using the same type of plastic bottle over and over. they get caught, uneven, some snap, or some the plastic is just to thick to cut through easily with the razor.

The solution here is using the nice motorized blade to help cut through whatever consistently!

As a bonus the current model is set to make 8mm slices which is what feeds into Joshua Taylor's amazing (so you can go from bottles to 3D printer filament!)


gcode - 1.35 MB - 06/10/2022 at 18:12



Standard Tesselated Geometry - 8.29 kB - 06/10/2022 at 18:12


  • 8MM for recreating

    blorgggg06/10/2022 at 18:19 0 comments

    Ive been following Joshua Taylor's awesome project

    and made the width 8mm to perfectly feed into his machine for making filament!!

  • Holds bottle better

    blorgggg06/10/2022 at 18:15 0 comments

    For the first iterations i tweaked the flanges that stick out from the edge several times until they could consistently hold a variety of plastic bottles and produce consistent cuts (without sliding too thick or thin)

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