The Basics I

A project log for CT system Revamp

The most probable failure to decommissioned a system is Image Processing Unit Hardware. Here a way to Rescue it, using Open Source solutions

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In this photo, a system still installed, being serviced. The main parts of the gantry, are the Xray source (the tube), and the Xray detectors array. The Tube is the gold part located almost 3 O´clock (well, there is a replacement inside the blue box at bottom); The Detector array is oposite side (the semicircular black thing). To be scanned, the patient is lying down between tube and detector. When system acquire data, the couple Tube-Detector rotates around the patient, with the tube emitting Xray, and the Detector receiving the images. The collected Data is sent to Image Processing Unit (operator console), for processing/computing job.