the Basics II

A project log for CT system Revamp

The most probable failure to decommissioned a system is Image Processing Unit Hardware. Here a way to Rescue it, using Open Source solutions

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here three Console generations:

Left: System from early 90s

Center: System from late 90s

Right: System from middle 2010

In the earlier systems, all the electronics was Tailor made; CPUs, memory boards, Interface boards, etc, were designed for the specific model. However, since the computational power of modern PCs is amazing, manufacturers start to use it in their systems. in the right photo we can see a Dell Precision T5400 tower.

The three machines does same thing: axial slices from scanned patient.... the difference? the older takes 3-5 seconds to do a single slice (image), while the newer build 16 images every single second!.....well, there is much faster systems, doing bigger amounts of images in a fraction of single second.