The Basics III

A project log for CT system Revamp

The most probable failure to decommissioned a system is Image Processing Unit Hardware. Here a way to Rescue it, using Open Source solutions

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With Data Collected inside console, then you need processing it to convert to perpendicular views, that is the images the Doctor uses to evaluate patient condition.

The video shows how it works: The relative movement between couple Tube-Detector and patient (Lemon), brings a series of photos taken around him (it). That photos are called Projections, and a set of Projections are called Sinogram (in this example, the Sinogram is the video spinning the Lemon). After a mathematical processing of the projections, you get the reconstructed image ( the Lemon Slice). The reconstructed image let you see the internal features of the structure. For example, in a Head exam, you can see how is the brain, without open the skull, even touch it!.