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A project log for CT system Revamp

The most probable failure to decommissioned a system is Image Processing Unit Hardware. Here a way to Rescue it, using Open Source solutions

proyectosyprototiposproyectosyprototipos 06/15/2022 at 20:140 Comments

The 3D Slicer is perfect to show the output images for the doctor´s diagnostic. However, there is a couple of things: 

1) 3D slicer works with 2D images. It can use plenty of file formats, but again, 2D images.

2) CT systems does not produce images, it delivers Projections.

In this scenario, i need take the data collected from Gantry ( Detector), and translate to 2D images for use in 3D Slicer.  To do the first part, i will Reuse this board:

This is an old 8 bit Frame Grabber that i got, and i had used into another past projects. As you can see, this board has a ISA BUS.  This is itself a challenge, because i need to put in working condition the board to capture the projections.