Pentium Inside

A project log for CT system Revamp

The most probable failure to decommissioned a system is Image Processing Unit Hardware. Here a way to Rescue it, using Open Source solutions

proyectosyprototiposproyectosyprototipos 09/29/2022 at 15:570 Comments

In computer enviroment, is difficult to say  what is worst.... get parts/resources, or putting them in working condition.....

I found a old Pentium tower with the ISA bus nedded to use the Digitizer board

A little upgrade done, is add a Fan to CPU module.

after cleaning and testing the power supply, CD unit, Memory, etc... it is running 

Now is possible start to install the software: the digitizer software runs on D.O.S. then i need how to move the files later into a USB Stick.

here a picture of the digitizer sofware

Here the programming is  typing automated macros/scripts, to capture the Xray profiles, prior to reconstruction.