First prototype built, time to test

A project log for PiDaQ: A Raspberry Pi Data Aquisition Module

Using a highly configurable ADC the Raspberry Pi can be used to create a networked data acquisition module.

roboteursroboteurs 11/25/2016 at 15:490 Comments

I have put together the first prototype. So far it seems the only silly mistake was a sneaky SOT23 package connected the wrong way.

The software for this device will first be developed in Python. The idea is to keep the software library simple but very functional. The code will probably be initializing an IO and then reading from it. For faster sampling is might be necessary to handle the data differently, but first I will see how the Pi 3 handles the data. Function calls will probably look like...

import pidaq as daq

sensorA = daq.configIO(analog, in, single, 10V, 32averaging)
outputA = daq.configIO(analog,  out, single, extern_ref)

daq.relay(1, on)

temprature = daq.thermo( )
Thats some python pseudo-code of what the control might look like. As I explore the libraries more features may come to light.