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A project log for networked RTL-SDR server

a wifi-based RTL-SDR receiver to cover 1 to 500 MHz

worsthorseworsthorse 12/23/2016 at 00:470 Comments

pretty much all of my projects have been on hold while I deal with a drainage system failure that led to a flooded basement. in between days of bailing water out of the basement and trying to dry the carpet and carpet pad, i've been building a drainage system out of flexible pipe, roofing cement and wire ties. if i get ambitious tomorrow, i will post a photo or two of the V3 (don't ask about V1 and V2, which were sopping wet failures) system.

i am pretty sure i have it figured out but in case i don't? the carpet is rolled back so i could install flood barriers and a floor pump.

hopefully i will be back on the rtl-sdr server project in a day or two.