Milli - Amp Plus

I added to the excellent little guitar amplifier "Milli- Amp" a preamp stage on a 6Ж1П (6J1P) tube.

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My project is based on materials from this resource about low-voltage tube guitar amp "Milli - Amp" and circuits of B. Kainka. In our city I have an opportunity to buy not-used Soviet tubes 6J1P at low price, which is what I did. For the chassis I used a piece of steel profile, which remained after repairs in the apartment. As a OT, I used a output transformer from a subscriber radio station. Power supply - standarв on 24V. My guitar - is standard Chienise Stratokaster.
The amplifier works great if the guitar is connected to it through some kind of overdrive pedal or processor. In this case, the sound volume is just perfect for training in the room. If the guitar is connected directly to it, the sound on the 8" speaker "Celestion Eight" is very quiet.
I am very pleased of this amplifier. I don't have a nicely drawn diagram of it, but if necessary I'll do it.

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J.G. wrote 04/06/2023 at 21:54 point

Yeh cool...this tube is EF95...the tube was produced without minding the was build in expensive mixers of the 50th era...

This tube is sounding nicely crunchy...

I love amps with this tube...

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Alex wrote 07/10/2022 at 19:52 point

Milli - Amp use one tube, what the other tube is doing, are they in parallel?

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