Blender & Sieve: A quick solution for my Direct Granules Extruder

A project log for Turn waste plastic into raw material

How to turn waste plastic parts into granules of specified parameters.

norbert-heinzNorbert Heinz 06/13/2022 at 07:100 Comments

To get raw material for my Direct Granules Extruder, I am using a commercial blender and a DIY sieve to get the raw material needed. The main property the granules must fulfill is a size of no more than 2mm. This is critical, because larger sized granules lead to clogging of my existing extruder design. This must be relatively small to be able to extrude plastics in small quantities as required in 3D printing.

To get the correct grain size, I have drilled 2mm holes on the bottom of a tin can.

This works fine with failed PLA and PETG prints.