Post Apocalyptic Robotics

Robots with all hardware and motor parts including the wheels sourced from old printers and dvd drives, using arduino as the brains.

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1st robot is built from dvd drive and harddrive tray for the body, has H-bridge built from relays sourced from old UPS, motors and wheels from printers. It also has an mp3 player and ultrasonics that I bought, but all the moving parts and chassis are from repurposed tech.

2nd robot uses an old power tool battery case as chassis, with bought L298M h-bridges

Both run on arduino, the 1st an UNO, the 2nd a nano.

Both use former printer rollers for wheels, both use old ir recievers for remote control and are controlled by old TV remotes.

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Discussions wrote 09/17/2022 at 15:45 point

this is really cool !!

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