Building on Linux

A project log for PSoC on Linux

My attempts to program a PSoC microcontroller from Linux.

Ryan GassRyan Gass 11/26/2016 at 02:170 Comments

The Windows IDE has an option to generate a make file for projects.. This allows the code to be built on Linux with a few modifications. The Linux dependencies for Fedora are wine, make, gcc-arm-none-eabi, and gcc-arm-none-newlib. To set up the project, open the project menu in PSoC Creator and click on Export to IDE. Then select makefile and check the source file that you want to include.. Now some of the generated files need to be changed. in your project folder, open and change AR= $(TOOLCHAIN_DIR)/arm-none-eabi-ar to AR= arm-none-eabi-ar and "C:/Users/<your user>/Documents/PSoC Creator/udbTest/test.cydsn/Generated_Source/PSoC5/cm3gcc.ld" to "Generated_Source/PSoC5/cm3gcc.ld". Then in in the Export folder, change CyElfTool to CyElfTool.exe. Now the code can be built by running make in the project folder. If you transfer the PSoC Creator binaries to your Linux computer, you can run cydsfit.exe -p ../<project_name>.cyproj in the Generated_Source folder to build your project. This requires a 32 bit wine instance with .net 4 installed. The main problem now seems to be that while schematics are compiled to verilog, verilog can't be used as the top design and the schematics can only be edited in the Windows IDE.