PCB v0.9 Assembly - September, 2022

A project log for E-TKT: anachronic label maker

An open source label maker that fuses together both old and contemporary technology to create something as ubiquitous as... EMBOSSED LABELS!

Andrei SperidiãoAndrei Speridião 09/09/2022 at 14:200 Comments

My first PCB ever is the E-TKT's alpha version.

I've been thinking of that moment for a decade and I am pretty happy with the result! Thanks again for Wes for providing the manufacture and components' order in one of his batches. He even assisted me on assembling and baking the board at his place.

Now for the list of fixes for v1.0:

Apart from these minor issues, the circuit has been working great and soon there will be more work in progress. Right now I'm working on the improved 3d printed parts with new features, together with the web app.

Stay tuned!