"We" have hacked it!

A project log for Z80 Reverse-Engineering And Hacking Adventures

What else can I say?

Eric HertzEric Hertz 06/23/2022 at 00:283 Comments

@ziggurat29 gets all the credit. But I got to be the first to see it running, and burned/swapped the ROM, so that counts for something, right? 

Awesome work, my friend!


ziggurat29 wrote 06/23/2022 at 01:09 point

You get the credit for the fabulous hardware probing. I can't make heads or tails in software alone.

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Eric Hertz wrote 06/23/2022 at 01:47 point

I strive for fabulous!

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ziggurat29 wrote 06/23/2022 at 02:05 point

let us burn this thing /all/ the way to the ground!

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