782 bytes - untested but complete I think

A project log for drillPresseur - Drill-Press with Force-Feedback

OK, most drill-presses have "force-feedback" in the normal sense... so this is a bit ridiculous.

eric-hertzEric Hertz 12/05/2016 at 02:120 Comments

Alright, I think it's complete... Not yet tested (got some soldering to do).

760Bytes in .text and 22 bytes in .data.


Seems like I'm doing all sortsa things in weird-for-me ways, lately.

Usually I'd take a much more vigorously step-by-step approach; code up a small part, test it, code up the next...

This time I wrote the whole thing without testing any of it. OTOH, I've done the vast-majority of this stuff before in other projects. So, we'll see.

I wasn't *planning* on PID, nor on implementing "software" return-spring/felt-pads/gravity-resistance... but it looks like there's enough code-space and time remaining to at least attempt 'em.

Though they're not nearly as intuitive to me, so I might take on another project, instead.


This is something I've been meaning to attempt for quite some time... though, so it'll be interesting to finally see how it functions. Without the drill-press nor gear-reduction, with just two motors sitting upright on the desk, It should essentially feel like I'm spinning two knobs which are linked via pulleys and rubber-bands. Could be quite an interesting tactile-effect, and something that could be useful in other projects, as well.