MSP430 Efforts

A project log for Modernize Harmony 880

Modernize a Logitech Harmony 880 universal remote

mulcmumulcmu 08/14/2022 at 16:180 Comments

My last MSP430 project was quite a while ago.  It looked like a good choice for the keypad matrix being low power and a lot of I/O plus prior experience developing and programming.  TI code composer studio went from revision 6 to 12 in the interim and dropped graphical configuration of the MSP430 peripherals (Grace) from the package.  CCS6 was still on laptop but didn't work when I started it up.  I uninstalled and upgraded to CSS12 before realizing Grace had been removed.  TI doesn't appears to have removed ability to download legacy versions and my CSS6 installer was the online variant which doesn't work so well once servers are shutdown.  My experience with Grace was that it was a bit buggy but saved time wadding through data sheet to get up and running.  Going to see if any of the old desktops will boot that had CSS6 installed...