Alpha2 PCB

A project log for Modernize Harmony 880

Modernize a Logitech Harmony 880 universal remote

mulcmumulcmu 05/19/2024 at 15:330 Comments

Second revision of the alpha PCB arrived yesterday.  This one was 0.8mm thick and allowed the case to snap shut properly (at least while still bare).  Most of the routing is the same with the notable update to mount the ESP32-S3 module on the PCB.  The mini usb connector is wired up to the ESP and 3v3 power so complete test of the LCD, button matrix, and button backlight LEDs can be done with the case completely assembled.

The solder paste stencil was laser cut out from mylar and ready to go before the PCBs arrived, a pretty rare occurrence in my workshop.  Started to spec out some of the battery charging and power management.  The stock cradle voltage is 8Vdc so need to decide to keep remote compatible or if mods to cradle/charger are needed.

Got a blink demo running on a MSP430 launchpad with same MCU but different package running with platformio.  Can add migrating the code from the TI CCS to platformio to the todo list.