Alpha2 Testing

A project log for Modernize Harmony 880

Modernize a Logitech Harmony 880 universal remote

mulcmumulcmu 05/25/2024 at 01:380 Comments

Alpha2 PCB was assembled.  The MSP430 CCS was cut and paste into a platformio project.  A few hiccups getting the chip flashed.  ESP32S3 was flashed over the USB.  Needed to tweak a few settings to get debug serial output over USB but working consistently now.   A weird problem was encountered with the button matrix.  8 buttons weren't working, somewhat grouped in the physical remote, but spread across a number of rows and columns.  Turns out the dome switches don't work too well when there is packing tape between them and the PCB.  The dome switches were quite fiddly.  To save time, I transferred the tape with the dome switches in place from the first alpha board to alpha2.  I was focused on alignment of the buttons and didn't realize the order I moved the sections over resulted in excess tape over other pads.

Basic code is working now on both MCU to display the button presses on the LCD.  Case fully assembles around the PCB