My goal is to turn any balance scooter aka hoverboard into a smart connected and smartphone controllable one.

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BSCS stands for Balance Scooter Smart Connect System

In this project my goal is to turn any self balancing scooter into a smart connected one by using ATmega chip (Arduino) and a Bluetooth module. All hardware will be controlled via smartphone app.

Real time battery level readings
Low battery alert
Automatic switch off at certain voltage with 30 second siren warning sound
Riding mode control
LED lighting cusomization and control
#GPS tracking and device lock# ---> require GPS unit (maybe)

This project is currently in R&D stage, after its release it will be accessible by anyone. Please do not make it until everything is done because you may ruin your balance scooter.

Why ATmega, why not RPi or Banana Pi?
ATmega is a microcontroller chip with a simple bootloader, doesn't need any operating system to run, software can be easily debbuged via USB cable, it starts running the script as soon at it receives power.

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