Switched from Completed to Ongoing Project

A project log for RR1: Real Robot One - a DIY Desktop Robotic Arm

RR1 is an open-source, 6+1 degrees of freedom desktop robotic arm, mostly 3D-printed with joints powered by custom planetary gearboxes.

Pavel SurynekPavel Surynek 07/25/2022 at 19:020 Comments

I decided to switch the project from the completed one to ongoing. Anyway it seems that is true. The first prototype of the robot, revision 1, or rev. 1, is completed, but the revision 2 is on the way, so it seems it is better to mark the project as ongoing.

I am printing new parts for RR1 rev. 2, everything is done more precisely to minimize backlash everywhere possible. The picture shows printing of the custom bearing for the base of the robot.