rev. 2: The Elbow Link Done

A project log for RR1: Real Robot One - a DIY Desktop Robotic Arm

RR1 is an open-source, 6+1 degrees of freedom desktop robotic arm, mostly 3D-printed with joints powered by custom planetary gearboxes.

pavel-surynekPavel Surynek 05/30/2023 at 22:500 Comments

I have some good progress on the rev.2. The elbow link is finished and mounted on the rest of the arm. The following figures show what does it look like. The elbow link is shown separately, the rest of
the arm separately (in a folded position), and finally the elbow link and the rest fixed together.

The encoder nicely fits between the aluminum extrusions on the elbow. Parts of the wrist joint are again made of PC blend with carbon fiber (the black parts) - all the gears and rings in the gearbox. The reduction ratio for the wrist joint is approximately 1:10. Much less than in rev.1 which I believe can make the robot faster without compromising its strength. Another notable improvement from rev. 1 visible in the folded position is that the elbow link can rotate freely without touching the upper-arm link.

Now it is time for finishing the base turret and the wrist link with the gripper. Some important design changes will come on the wrist link as well.