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Python Peer to Peer MicroService Bus for IoT Messaging Framework

mark-traverseMark Traverse 02/24/2017 at 13:030 Comments

latest additions include

-- added an internet speedtest wrapper to api to return, publish and log upload download and ping to ISP speeds

-- added an API wrap to iCloud to return and publish battery levels and locations of all family iOS devices iPhone, iPad, iwatch

-- imposed a data payload standard based on Jason - this means all response or acquired data is self describing and can be passed and manipulated freely within the ecosystem

-- added a learning two way IR and RF capability based on both broadlink devices and arduino-based homegrown transceivers

--added rm tasker Alexa bridge to push macro if and rf out to broadlink blasters

-- added an ir rf sniffing capability to intercept and record activity for re-use

-- added a find phone mqtt subscribed topic to trigger find phone

-- added an Amazon Alexa trigger bridge to republish and route 'Alex Trigger Action' commands, this relies on a public mqtt platform bridged to Han.

-- added google text to speech and a proxy robot personality to act as intermediary until the Echo can be driven to speak and notify via an api. The later will probably never happen due to security constraints, so my solution makes all speech appear as if from the echo itself. Commercial natural language voices are supported.

-- started to test a fake wemo bridge based on esp8266

-- added google sheet integration to pull metricated data into the robot personality. I.e. Your car mot is due pin a months tim