• 01.05.2023

    Sl_Postmann05/01/2023 at 06:09 0 comments

    I once again redrawn the design of the front panel of the electronic unit.

    The reasons for this are more than compelling.
    1. Provide 16 arpeggiator positions instead of eight;
    2. Provide the ability to redesign with minimal rework, for a standard fixed version of the 19" rack format (19"x3U). Standalone, without a tablet or with a more serious separate computer in the same rack;
    3. Technologically simplify the design for both manual production and with the possibility of UV - printing on aluminum - polyethylene composite and CNC - milling.
    In addition, I experimented with reading an array of encoders (8, 12, 16 pieces) using the BluePill board and 74HC165 registers. The results are positive.
    Fragment of code for polling eight encoders:

    void PanEncLvl(void)



    for(ben=0; ben<16;ben++)

    {InEncBuff[ben+1]= InEncBuff[ben];}

    InEncBuff[0] = ~SPI1->DR ;


    tmpENC = InEncBuff[0];

    tmpSh1 = 0x0003&(tmpENC>>(2*j));

    tmpENC = InEncBuff[1];

    tmpSh2 = 0x0003&(tmpENC>>(2*j));

    compENC = ((tmpSh2<<2)|tmpSh1);

    switch (compENC)

    { case 0x0001: EncLvl[j]++; break;//click right

    case 0x0007: EncLvl[j]++; break;//click right

    case 0x000e: EncLvl[j]++; break;//click right

    case 0x0008: EncLvl[j]++; break;//click right

    case 0x0002: EncLvl[j]--; break;//click left

    case 0x000b: EncLvl[j]--; break;//click left

    case 0x000d: EncLvl[j]--; break;//click left

    case 0x0004: EncLvl[j]--; break; } ;//click left

    j++ ;

    }while (j<8);


  • 12.02.2023

    Sl_Postmann02/12/2023 at 07:43 0 comments

    Those who sometimes look at the project probably notice how my design thought rushes about.

    It can be said that with the tree I did not achieve the goal, and although this approach is possible, it is not the most optimal one.
    Now it occurred to me to make all the controls in the form of a monoblock, which can be embedded in panels made of wood and other solutions.
    The design of the monoblock is based on aluminum pipes.
    Aluminum pipes are cut with a pipe cutter, easily and accurately, and fastened with a 6mm diameter screw rod.

  • 12_11_2022

    Sl_Postmann11/12/2022 at 18:37 0 comments

    I made a decorative shield for the synthesizer control panel. The shield contains three layers - a matte lamination film on top, a self-adhesive inkjet film under it, and a white self-adhesive film under it.

    I did not remove the protective paper from the white film.
    Thus, the shield is self-adhesive!
    It will be glued to 6mm plexiglass of the same size, this is necessary for backlighting. The PCB of the controller will be the same size and will have backlight LEDs among other things.
    Another shield I'm making for the mixer, it's basically the same approach.