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A project log for Pain Machine

An apparatus to assist in the study and collection of data on the subject of pain.

ScottScott 08/20/2014 at 23:360 Comments

I am currently using the Arduino ATMEGA 2560 to control the device.  There is a momentary switch that initiates a hardware interrupt to reverse the solenoids and provide the simulated pain relief.  The water pumps run continually, but are also controlled via the MC.  There are several temperature sensors that allow for temperature regulation & etc.  I have a float switch to determine when to begin logging data from the device to the web.  I have not decided where to log data, yet.  My hope would be that a research school would host the data and allow other institutions to contribute.  For backup purposes and to allow for conducting tests in areas without reliable web access, I plan to log data to a microSD card.  The software I have thus far is very very simple.  I have uploaded code to BitBucket and plan to make it available, as soon as I do a better job with commenting the code and explaining some potential use-cases.