uMyo is officially on sale

A project log for uMyo - wearable EMG device with wet/dry electrodes

single channel open source hardware wireless EMG device, used with a bracelet or stuck to skin directly

Ultimate RoboticsUltimate Robotics 11/26/2022 at 08:130 Comments

We have launched uMyo sales! 

It actually happened a few days ago - we submitted the product on Tindie, it got approved, we started writing posts about sales launch, first orders started coming in... and then we got hit with massive air strikes targeting infrastructure, which caused country-wide blackouts. You probably already read about that in the news. 

Because of that, we didn't have internet (or stuff like running water for some time, although it came back after a day or so). But electricity was harder to restore, mostly because this time nuclear plants turned off and needed some effort to bring them back on. They produce a lot of energy, a major chunk of the total power supply in Ukraine. It also didn't help that russians stole all solar panels and equipment from our Tokmak solar power plant in the south... Why can't they ever buy their own stuff? Eventually power came back for a few hours a day for some of the city areas, but a part of our team didn't have electricity for exactly 61 hours and 16 minutes... During this time, they were mostly only able to charge devices in the city and check the restoration effort updates when the mobile networks were not overloaded.

Blackout looks like this. This is taken at rush hour at a busy intersection near several large shopping malls.

Anyway, the light came back a few hours ago, so we're writing this project log. 

We're very happy to finally launch uMyo. It's the first batch, and there will be more versions and updates in the future, but it's finally tangible and available for everybody to use in their EMG projects. 

You can check it out and buy here in our Tindie shop

We'll be shipping the first orders soon - most probably by Monday. We'll also update the instructions so you can have more details about uMyo and how to use it. The power will probably come on and off, so we'll be working around that.

Most of all, we're very excited to get the first uMyos to our buyers, get feedback - and start working on new features and updates! (and, of course, bugfixes :)